Our team comprises of seasoned solution providers for both Civil and Building projects

Sustainability and quality customer service support our vision to be an employer and business partner of choice

Kaydee Construction

delivers consistently through innovative solutions

Kaydee Construction Co. Ltd is a registered member of the National Construction Agency, offering turnkey services in the following:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Building Construction
  • Roads
  • Sewerage Works
  • Plumbing

Our construction service is fully integrated with an in-house Joinery and Steel Fabrication division. These divisions service both the Group and external clients.

Our Core Competencies


With over 40 years of experience in construction project management, we leverage technology to ensure smooth operations and project delivery under triple constraints of time, cost and quality.


Our team comprises of seasoned solution providers for both Civil and Building projects.


We believe in constant business model evolution in order to improve services and deliver on our satisfaction promise, which differentiates us from the competition. We partner with clients in order to deliver the best quality services and value for money.


Kongowea Village

A complete lifestyle ecosystem
with homes from KES 1.9M

Kongowea Village
Kongowea Village
Kongowea Village
Kongowea Village

Elevate Your Lifestyle

Kongowea Village is an Affordable Living focused, mixed-use development spread over 8 acres.
The entire village is designed from the residents’ perspective and provides a new community focused way of housing and employment within a safe, landscaped environment in the vibrant heart of Mombasa City.

Kongowea Village comprises of over 1,700 mixed-size residential units elegantly split across 6 Blocks interspaced with open and social spaces, healthcare facilities, and a bustling shopping street. Ideal for young families, students, first-time buyers, and buy-to-let investors; it is specifically designed to foster a harmonious community.

Kongowea Village


Visit Kongowea Village website

Kaydee Quarry Kenya

Kaydee Quarry

We are a major producer of high quality quarried aggregates and allied materials for the building and civil engineering industry in Mombasa.

Kaydee Realty

A fully integrated real estate platform, a unique value adding model as opposed to a purely capital allocation strategy.page1image32936416 page1image32936624

Kaydee Realty Kenya