KAYDEE, based in Mombasa, Kenya operates through distinct business verticals managed as one group of companies

Kaydee Construction


A leading, integrated, Building & Civil Construction firm

Kaydee Quarry


A supplier of manufactured Building materials, Aggregates and allied products

Kaydee Realty


A Real Estate developer focused on developing sustainable, people focused, living and working precincts

Over 40 years
has completed successful projects

KAYDEE Kaydee Construction Kenya
The 3rd generation of KAYDEE’s founding father leads the company, which began as a modest construction labor contracting business in the 1950s. Our brand is built on our values, which define who we are as a company.

Our motto: Dig Deep, Reach High
Reflects not only our inner strength but also our expertise in mining and constructing structures that reach great heights.

KAYDEE’s growth is guided by a long-term, generational perspective that upholds the core values of quality and integrity that have been fundamental in building the company. For more than four decades, we have delivered successful projects for a diverse range of clients, including multinational corporations, local businesses, and government agencies both in Kenya and abroad.

Kaydee Construction Kenya


To be the premier, integrated, property development,
construction services and building products company in East Africa.


Our Values are our Brand, our Brand is who we are
Our motto: Dig Deep, Reach High – Reflects not only our inner strength but also our expertise in mining and constructing structures that reach great heights


Integrity is the foundation of quality

At KAYDEE, our most valuable assets are our staff and our reputation. We are proud of our humble beginnings and honest approach, which have been passed down through generations. These values are reflected in every project, contract, and product we deliver, ensuring that they always meet the highest standards of quality.


Efficiency is the key to productivity

At KAYDEE, we leverage our size, technology investments, and extensive experience to deliver our services on demanding schedules while complying with environmental and safety regulations. We are committed to reducing waste and pollution while promoting the efficient use and conservation of resources.


Responsibility breeds accountability

We have a strong dedication to fulfilling our promises, to serving our stakeholders, and to protecting our environment.

Kaydee Quarry

We are a major producer of high quality quarried aggregates and allied materials for the building and civil engineering industry in Mombasa.

Kaydee Quarry Kenya
Kaydee Construction Kenya

Kaydee Construction

Kaydee Construction is fully integrated with an in-house Joinery and Steel Fabrication division serving both the Group and external clients.

Kaydee Realty

A fully integrated real estate platform, a unique value adding model as opposed to a purely capital allocation strategy.page1image32936416 page1image32936624

Kaydee Realty Kenya