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About Kaydee Quarry

We are a major producer of high quality quarried aggregates and allied materials for the building and civil engineering industry in Mombasa. Our products are suitable for a wide range of construction applications such as concrete and pre-cast works, civil engineering, road construction and after surfacing are available from our Quarry based in Kokotoni, Mazeras.

See our range of Ex-Quarry and Pre-Cast concrete products.  For prices or any further information, contact us on

Pre-Cast Concrete

We also manufacture pre-cast items and aggregate concrete blocks for use in a variety of projects such as individual houses, multi-storey developments commercial buildings, hotels and civil engineering construction projects.






Paving Blocks
Product Description Product code Weight (kg)
Interlocking 60IR/42N [60mm] 3
Heavy Duty 80HDR/60N [80mm] 4
Regular 60R/35N [60mm] 2.8
  80R/45N [80mm] 3.9
Building Blocks
Product Description Product code Weight (kg) Download Specifications
Solid S190 [190x190x390mm] 33
  S140 [140x190x390mm] 22.7
  S90 [90x190x390mm] 14.5
Hollow H190 [190x190x390mm] 19
  H 90 [90x190x390mm] 11.5
  H140 [140x190x390mm] 18.5
Engineering Hollow EH140 [140x190x390mm] 17
Other Pre­cast Products
Product Description Size Weight (kg)
Paving Slab 24”x24”x2” 41
Road Kerb 36”x10”x5” 65
Hollow Road Kerb 36”x10”x5” 60
Road Channel 36”x4”x5” 25
Vent Slope 6”x6”x12” 7
Fencing Post 10”x6”x6” 200
V-drain 24"x12" 50
An additional 20% charge will apply on all products required in other colours

Please contact us for any other products not included in this list

Sales Credit Form and Terms & Conditions

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