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Reliability, Excellence and Professionalism are amongst the prevailing characteristics of Kaydee, delivered accross all our service offerings:

 Construction & Civil Engineering
 Metal Fabrication
 Mechanical & Automotive Engineering
 Equipment & Machinery on Hire
Reef Hotel

Design Building & Construction

We undertake every aspect of the Designing, Construction and Finishing processes; from the planning stage to the final handover.  We have a highly skilled workforce in all stages of Construction, including Ground Clearance and Excavation Works, Concreting, Roofing, Framing, Sewerage, Plumbing and Electrical Works as well as Trimming, Painting, Tiling and Fine Finishing.

Civil Engineering

Including Road building and Paving, Sewerage, Channelling, Filling and Levelling.

Tamarind Village





“Producers of all types of bespoke Office, Residential and Hotel furniture and construction related joinery works, in various types of Hard and Soft woods.”

At Kaydee Joinery we are renowned for combining skilled craftsmanship with latest technology to produce high quality wood work.  Our workshop is purpose built and comprehensively equipped with modern equipment thus ensuring a high standard of workmanship and affording us the luxury of being able to undertake any sized project.  We provide a complete joinery service that often supports our construction projects; from primary carpentry and fitting of doors and windows, to fine finishing with custom-designed bedroom, office and kitchen fittings.  All our furniture is tailor made, where every joint is designed to meet the clients’ requirements.

In addition to hard and soft wood furniture comprising mainly Mvule, Mahogany, Cedar and Pine, we are also skilled in producing fibreboard furniture (MDF) to suit any needs, such as office furniture, contemporary kitchen furnishings and many more.

Click here to view our range of furniture products

Metal Fabrication

“Fabricators of bespoke products and structural steel works.”

Our Metal Fabrication workshop was purpose-built, primarily to support the company’s construction projects.  The workshop is constantly engaged in universal processes like punching, forming, rolling, painting, welding, grinding, milling, cutting, soldering and assembly of steel structures.  Metal structures comprise a variety of products including gantry cranes, gates, conveyors and machine & vehicle bodies, fabricated on customer demand. 

Bespoke fabrication is frequently carried out upon customer request.  The workshop is also utilised to recondition the bodywork and mechanical systems of machines such as plate compactors, cement mixers, rollers, wheel loaders, dozers, dumptrucks, compressors.  We have a wide range of machinery and tools to carry out precision engineering jobs. 

Some of these include lathes, grinders, cutting machines, boring machines, welding machines, band saws, cranes and lifting jacks for heavy parts.  We carry out quality control checks when necessary using tools such as a Hardness testing machine (Vicker’s and Shore A), an Infra-red temperature sensor and Optical Microscopy.







Mechanical & Automotive Engineering

“Maintains the group’s plant and machinery.”

The mechanical and automotive engineering workshop is dedicated to managing the repairs and maintenance of Kaydee’s plant and machinery, which are regularly maintained and condition-monitored to prevent unexpected breakdowns that reduce overall downtime.

Equipment and Machinery

Kaydee owns a large fleet of heavy construction equipment, which is constantly being expanded.

Highly skilled Operations and Maintenance crew use preventive and condition-based maintenance to minimise downtime at Kaydee project sites. Equipment asset planning, procuring, tracking, maintaining and retiring are closely monitored and managed.

To maximise peak performance and functioning, all Kaydee equipment undergoes complete overhauling and periodic refurbishment at its Central Workshop in Mombasa.

Kaydee Construction hires out the group’s equipment under the care of specialist operators where required. All Plant and Equipment is maintained in-house within the firm’s Automotive Engineering, Panel Beating and Spray Painting Division.

The table below provides a list of our Equipment & Machinery

Minimum Duration of Hire
1. Small Vibrator Compactor 1 Day
2. Vibration Roller (Over 6 Tons) 1 Week
3. CAT 926 wheel loader 1 Week
4. CAT 936 wheel loader 1 Week
5. CAT 951 Track Loader 1 Week
6. CAT 955 Track Loader 1 Week
7. CAT 943 Track Loader 1 Week
8. CAT D8H Bull Dozer 1 Week
9. CAT 12F Grader 1 Week
10. Scaffolding Pipe(10’ & 20’) 1 Month
11. Scaffolding Clamp (ROUND & SWIVEL) 1 Month
12. Adjustable heavy Duty Steel Shoe Props 1 Month
13. Plate Compactor 1 Day
14. Brick Chopper 1 Day
15. Pneumatic Compressor Jack 1 Day


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