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  • Mission & Vision
  • Corporate Responsibility

Our Business:
Kaydee, based in Mombasa, Kenya, is a leading Building & Civil Engineering Firm and a supplier of manufactured building materials and aggregate.
Established since 1978, Kaydee has over three decades of experience as a general and civil contractors as well as design builders

Our Vision:
To be the premier integrated construction services and building products company in East Africa.

Our Values:  
Our approach to business and our clients is underpinned by our core beliefs:

Our reputation and staff are our key assets. Both, coupled with an inherited legacy built on humble and honest foundations, determine that all our projects, contracts and products adhere to the highest of standards.

With the advantage of our size, investments in technology and experience, we strive to deliver our services on demanding schedules

We are committed to the protection of our environment, and in addition to complying with relevant environmental and safety legislations & regulations, we strive to reduce waste and pollution while promoting efficient use and conservation of resources

Creating a sustainable future

Kaydee is an Aggregate Mining, Processing and Engineering Construction Company operating on a local basis with international standards.

We believe that high standards for social and environmental behaviors in all of our businesses are essential to achieve the financial and non-financial goals of the Group. Our standards follow the principles of Sustainable Development, Economic Efficiency, Social Equity, Health & Safety and Environmental Responsibility.

A successful company must have built into its culture a desire to create sustainable relationships with all its stakeholders. For Kaydee, Sustainable Development takes into consideration all stakeholder issues:

 Safe employee practices and healthy work environment,
 Respected status in our local communities,
 Responsible environmental management,
 Efficient use of mineral reserves,
 Quality customer and supplier relationships

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